Manatee County | 44th Ave. East Braden River Segment (45th St. East to 44th Ave. Plaza East)

Manatee County 44th Ave. East Braden River Segment (45th St. East to 44th Ave. Plaza East) proposed construction project is part of a multi-phase to build/improve unbuilt or two-lane sections of 44th Avenue East. 

This project is being designed in two phases with Phase 1 extending from 44th Avenue East to approximately 1,100 feet west of the Interstate 75 (I-75) right-of-way.  Phase 2 includes the proposed I-75 overpass and extends to Lakewood Ranch Blvd.  The roadway will have a raised median, signalized intersection at the realigned intersection of Morgan Johnson (57th Street East)/Caruso Road and 44th Avenue East, and new streetlights along the 44th Avenue East corridor.  Median openings will be constructed at Useppa Drive, 51st Street East, 57th Street East/Caruso Road, 60th Street East (Old Caruso Road), 62nd Street East, and 65th Street East.  The width of the roadway is sufficient for U-turns where necessary to access driveways located between median openings.

Independence Acquisition & Appraisal, LLC was contracted by AECOM to acquire 38 parcels impacted by this project.  The contract responsibilities included appraisal contracting and review, negotiations, closings, creation of project tracking reports, suit preparation, and property management.  This was a fast track project within a one-year acquisition schedule.  IAA dedicated staff of right of way professionals were able to meet all deadlines. Within the limited timeframe, 38 appraisals were reviewed and negotiated followed by all suit submittals.  A significant number of parcels consisted of whole takes from residential properties.  IAA used extended occupancy agreements to minimize the hardship on those displaced.

Independence Acquisition & Appraisal, LLC
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