Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) | JTA Mobility Works San Pablo Road Project

JTA San Pablo Road (Beach Boulevard to Atlantic Boulevard) will reconstruct existing roadway from a two-lane to a three-lane, divided urban section from Beach Boulevard to Crystal Cove Lane and from Osprey Point Drive to Atlantic Boulevard.  These sections will include raised medians, utility improvements, closed drainage system, bike lanes, sidewalks, and storm water ponds.  From Crystal Cove to Osprey Point Drive, the roadway will be resurfaced with addition of shoulders, left and right-turn lanes for site access and continuity of the sidewalks.

IAA is contracted by Pond and Company to acquire 44 parcels impacted by this project.  The contract responsibilities include appraisal contracting and review, negotiations, closings, creation of project tracking reports, suit preparation, and property management.  This is an on-going project and IAA is committed to exceeding all project deadlines.

Independence Acquisition & Appraisal, LLC
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